The Man Who Ran

Thank you to our amazing cast and crew for another great season!

The hillside resounds with the thundering voice of God, “ Jonah, arise and go to Nineveh for their wickedness has come up before me!” Jonah knew of the city and its wickedness and wanted no part of the job! His choice to run caused him to encounter the storm at sea, being thrown overboard and then swallowed by the great fish. With state of the art sound, featuring an all new musical score by composer Scott Mathews, dynamic special – effects, pyro-technics, a cast of 80 and live exotic animals you will experience first hand Jonah’s run , his return and ultimately the repentance of the great city of Nineveh.

Spectacular special effects, state–of-the-art sound, pyro-technics, a live cast of 80 and animals (including “Samuel the Camel” – Grand Lake’s mascot camel) make this a must see!

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