The Oasis Adventures

This class is designed for children who are too young to participate on their own.
Total time about 1 hour
No horse experience required!
Ages 2-5 years old with a caregiver (moms, dads, grandparent, etc)

*Meet the “Oasis” animals.
*Very basic introduction to the general safety around horses.
*Most of the class will be “hands on” of one of our gentle horses, like grooming and brushing.
*This class includes leading the mini on a short trail walk.

$15 for the pair- any additional adult $10 or child $5.00 each

***Please ask for special group rates

For kids who love horses!
Sessions 1, 2 & 3
Total time about 2 hours – you can decide if you just want to take 1 class
or if you want to learn more and continue taking session 2 and session 3.
No horse experience required!
Ages 6-10 years old


*Introduction to the general safety around horses.
*Learning about horse behavior and horse care.
*Learning how horses talk to each other and how to communicate with horses.
*Most of the class time will be “Hands-On” with the kids learning to brush and groom.
*Learn how to handle a horse on the ground.

Session 2 & 3

*Learning to braid a mane
*Leading mini horses and/or donkeys on a trail adventure.
*Leading around a Mini Horse in an obstacle course – Session 3 only
*How to tack and untack a horse – Session 3 only
*Photo shoot with your animal.

$25 for one session – any additional child $20.00 each

Please ask for special group rates

We can custom design an animal adventure and educational experience for your group.
Contact us directly for more information about these unique opportunities.Including:

*Meet the Miniature Horses, Donkeys, Camels, Mini Pig, North African Sulcata Tortoises
*Learn fun facts about each of our animals.
*Introduction to general safety around horses.
*Learning about horse behavior, horse care and horse feeding.
*There will be lots of “Hands-On” with the kids learning to brush and groom the horses.

We can customize your field trip to meet your needs!

$10 per student and $10 per adult

All sessions are by appointment only. Call 918 435-8207 to reserve your time now.

Currently there is NOT a minimum of students required to hold a class. But if more than one student registers, the price can be cheaper per student.  So invite a friend or two to register with you!!!

We accept Visa, Master card, Discover and Paypal

All visitors must sign a liability waiver before being allowed to handle the animals.

Anyone under 18 years of age MUST have a parent or legal guardians sign the waiver. If some children will be arriving without a parent please have them sign the provided waiver before coming to the farm.

Concessions are available.



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