Past Productions


The Man Who Ran

Thank you to our amazing cast and crew for another great season! The hillside resounds with the thundering voice of God, “ Jonah, arise and go to Nineveh for their wickedness has come up before me!” Jonah knew of the city and its wickedness and wanted no part of the job! His choice to run …

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The Elijah Factor

Our 2015 season has ended. Thank you for a wonderful season! Flutes and drums fill the air as a camel caravan arrives in ancient Israel where the wicked Queen Jezebel and her husband, King Ahab rule with evil power. That is until the prophet Elijah arrives in town. His message: there is only one God! …

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Audio Adrenaline Kings & Queens Tour

Thank you Grand Lake Area…. and to the Kings and Queens Tour with Audio Adrenaline, Group 1 Crew, Seventh Day Slumber and Manic Drive: The Best Concert Ever!  

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bright side tour poster 8x10

Bright Side Tour

Three amazing groups…thanks for a great show!      

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Manic drive

Manic Drive Concert

Manic Drive was Live in Concert at Picture in Scripture Amphitheater in Disney, Oklahoma on Saturday, October 4, 2014 and again on August 14, 2015! The concert was a great success. Thanks to all who attended!   First introduced to the Grand Lake area at the Audio Adrenaline Concert in April 2013, Manic Drive was …

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